Our Circuits and Systems department aims to provide students with a comprehensive education on the basic concepts of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and to use students' theoretical knowledge in practical areas. It is aimed to give the necessary theoretical and practical courses for students to specialize in digital and analog system analysis-design and computer aided simulation programs.
Circuits and Systems are essential elements of any information system today. Studies are carried out on such subjects; analysis and synthesis (design) of electronic circuits and systems, modeling of circuit elements, optimization methods, etc. .
Study topics are given below;
·         Electronic circuit design,
·         Analog and digital signal processing,
·         Parameter estimation and detection theory,
·         Modeling of circuit elements,
·         Optimization methods,
·         System model reduction, etc.
Tasks are given below;
• To design, manufacture, operate and maintain digital (microprocessor based) and computer based systems,
• To prepare maintenance, operating standards, bulletins, technical instructions, illustrated schemes for electronic equipment systems,
• To carry out consultancy education, management and technical sales operations,
• Testing the quality control of the devices and their compliance with the standards,
• Drawing diagrams of devices, examining and developing design details,