In our telecommunications department, it is aimed to give the students the theoretical and practical courses required to specialize in signal processing, image processing, analog and digital communication, in addition to the basic concepts of electrical electronics.

Study topics are given below;

  •          Analog and digital signal processin
  •          Image processin
  •          Analog and digital communicatio
  •          Wireless communicatio
  •          Digital Modulation Technique
  •          Encryptio
  •          Data communicatio
  •          System Desig
  •          Filter Desig
  •          Coded Modulatio
  •          MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) Systems


Responsibilities are given below;

  • Analysis and realization of system design,
  • Development of software algorithms,
  • Determination of communication standards and quality control,
  • Research and development activities,
  • Establishment of telecommunication systems,
  •  Measurement of test and performance values of telecommunication systems,